Essential Factors to Consider before going for your Facelift

Essential Factors to Consider before going for your Facelift

Rhytidectomy, or a facelift, is a plastic surgery option to remove excess fat, tighten facial muscles, removal of wrinkles and alter the overall aesthetics of your face. Men and women can get a much more youthful look after a successful facelift. With the aging process, facial skin loses its elasticity quicker than other areas of the body. Rhytidectomy-facelift

Loose or sagging skin around the jaw or neck is unflattering and very noticeable. Although other surgeries can remove wrinkles, only a rhytidectomy can tighten facial skin to get rid of double chins, jowls, and other loose parts. Facelifts have become a popular option for people over 40 years of age.

Your face will certainly be aesthetically enhanced afterwards, but don’t have unrealistic expectations. It’s essential to understand fully what is involved, for example how much pain is anticipated, duration of recovery, and what you can expect your face to look like when it has healed. The best candidates are people in good psychological and physical health.

Before the procedure, the surgeon will ask you many questions related to your health and you should answer as completely and honestly as you can. For instance, if you suffer with hypertension or a blood-clotting disorder, the surgeon will need to take this into account. He or she will also ask details about any medications you take, be it prescription drugs or over-the-counter products.

Other factors that could influence the outcome include smoking, the use of recreational drugs, allergies, a history of acne, or skin that is prone to scarring. During the preparatory phase, the cosmetic surgeon will also take ‘before’ photographs so that comparisons can be made after the procedure.

Selecting a skilled surgeon to undertake facelift plastic surgery is vital. Ideally, the person should specialize in this field. Find out about the possible candidates’ experience and qualifications and whether they are members of a certified board of cosmetic surgeons. Ask lots of questions so that you will ultimately feel comfortable with your final decision.

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