Save Time and get Perfect Results with Eyelash Extensions

Save Time and get Perfect Results with Eyelash Extensions

Why Get Eyelashes Extensions?

Most women would proclaim that their best feature is their eyes and they decorate accordingly. Every time a party comes along, the application of makeup is fastidious and thorough with a bulk of effort put into the eyes. Taking off makeup at the finish of an evening however, can be quiet a pain due to the stickiness of mascara. Even with the longest face washing, you can still wake up with blurry black edges to your eyes. As the holidays loom there is a busy part schedule facing most women, but if you want to take some of the hassle out of it then it may be time to purchase eyelash extensions.


Beautiful Eyelashes

Stays Longer & Consistent Results with Extensions

Eyelash extensions work to instantly make your eyes more dramatic in a way that excessive coats of mascara never could. Every woman, when it comes to making her lashes lush and long has a cadre of mascaras that she swears by, but with eyelash extensions you won’t have to spend all that time applying and curling not to mention meticulously wiping away residue at the end of the night. Like falsies, extensions add instant drama to your eyes without making you seem cartoonish.

The look of extensions is one that makes you look more wide awake with a subtle beauty that most people will not be able to detect. If you fancy a more dramatic look than the one you already have, one or two coats of your favorite mascara will have your eyes looking unreal. Depending on the types of extensions you purchase you can have them up to three months at a time.

If you think to yourself that false eyelashes are the same thing then you simply have not worn fake eyelashes very often. The application process is especially cumbersome with many people having to take them off and reapply more tacky glue at least three times. Then, as the night wears on you can find the lashes coming undone making you nervous for most of the evening.

Pamper Yourself Today

Also, unlike the dramatic but fake look of false eyelashes, extensions are designed to look as realistic as possible. This is due partly by design as each hair is given a realistic curve and the materials are top notch. You have synthetic or human hair and for those willing to spend a good amount of money, there are also mink lashes available. No matter which kind you choose, there are no activities off limits. If you are incline to exercise or swim regularly, your lashes will stay pristine.

You may feel as though you want to go the extra mile and actually grow out your eyelashes through the use of products that are available over the counter or by prescription. It is hard to make the choice to put your eyes in any kind of danger however and prescription products do come with side effects, while the things that are available in department stores require you to do daily applications.

Bring some natural beauty and glamor to your eyes this holiday with a splurge on eyelash extensions. You will look more awake and more beautiful than most any other woman whether it be day or night.

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